Monday, June 1, 2015

A half & three quarters

I don't always number my weekly baby portrait, so I'm late in realizing that we are almost halfway through the year! This made me get the calender out and count up the baby's weeks again, realizing that next week he will be exactly 3/4 into his first year of life.  Now all ages have their unique set of developments and characteristics, but nothing compares to this first year of life.  So much packed into so little a time.  And so little sleep to really allow you to absorb all the preciousness.  Which is why I am so grateful for the weekly inspiration to join in a photograph with Jodi.

Despite his advancing age, the baby is still pretty far from crawling or walking, which is totally fine with me.  But his siblings are anxious for the next milestone.  I keep wishing they'd stop encouraging this type of behavior, though, cause I'm still not ready for the storm mobility will bring.  But since it's almost summer, those encouraging siblings will be around to help me deal with it!

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