Saturday, June 20, 2015

5 Kids

It is just as hard as I imagined to get all 5 of my kids in one picture each week this summer.  Usually the oldest has to be forced into family activities.  He's been working full time, so I guess a little down time isn't too  much to ask for a 14 year old.  But when we were able to take a peek at puppies while visiting a summer solstice celebration at a local farm, we had him.  He's a dog person, through and through.

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Adrienne said...

There's a short story in each of your '5 kid' shots - the characters are the same, but each one tells us something different about them. The supporting roles/main character changes with each shot, and, as the plot thickens the bonds grow! I'm so moved by this series of shots - and love the 'as we go' style you've chosen!!