Saturday, June 27, 2015


We've had a very long week of teething that (I hope, desperately) is coming to an end.  Please oh please.  We moved down the crib mattress as the wily baby ways are growing.  I know it will be a very slippery slide into his first birthday, with changes abound on what will seem like a daily basis.  We are all enjoying this age, every one of his siblings wants to be with him and hold him and hope that he will start the sounds of their name.  (Right now he is actually saying momma, as more of a help me or feed me or pick me up)  I have to remember to give the other kids their due.  They have been extraordinarily helpful around the house and growing so much in independence, it can be easy to think they don't need it.  But of course they do.  The baby just asks for it more loudly and more frequently.

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Carie said...

Aww how lovely to be so doted on!!