Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stop Breathing On Me

Ideally, a project getting all my kids in a picture once a week for the summer would be an undertaking at capturing the joy and fun of the season. Of course, it isn't always so.  Sometimes, sibling time involves a lot of 'STOP BREATHING ON ME' or 'GET OFF ME' or the dreaded 'SHUT UP.'  

We headed out for a parade this weekend, and I completely misjudged the schedule of events.  We had way too much time waiting around for the festivities to start & the bickering was aplenty.  Of course that doesn't negate the fun times had, the beautiful evening or the experience in general, but it is a part of it--a part of life with a growing family.  It is a part of reality.

I wonder what memories my children will take with them into adulthood.  I wonder how their experiences now will shape who they become and where they go in life, especially as their life thus far has been completely different from how I grew up.  I would certainly never wish for them a dysfunctional family or single mother as I had, but sometimes I know that the strife of my childhood made me who I am.  

So I hope that my children see it--the beauty, the wonder, the joy in the little things.  But I hope they also understand that sometimes you have to wait.  Sometimes to you have work.  And I hope that for them, it always pays off.


Carie said...

Oh what gorgeous pics and a great summer challenge! I think from my childhood I remember the odd row but not much really, mostly the fun so I'm hoping my three will be roughly the same - fingers crossed!

Adrienne said...

I think that first pic with all of them is quite something - a genuine accomplishment! It got me thinking that, perhaps, getting a sense of who they are stands out in a different way as they're seen one right next to the other. Does that make sense? Like perhaps different personality bits stand out as they are seen in relation to their siblings, than just the bits caught when it's just them...idk. Just got me thinking, cause there sure is a ton of personality showing in that first shot. I'm very grateful to have given my kids something very different than what I had as a child - cause it's taken me a long time to make peace with my childhood. But who I grow to see some of the good that came with the struggles, I agree - made me who I am. One of the greatest blessings between me and my grown kids is dialogue - we talk about all of as they learn lessons and realize things I'm part of the conversation. And that means so much to me!