Saturday, May 23, 2015

rolly polly

We are definitely into happy baby days.  Little man is rolly polly, starting to get into the world without it getting out of control, yet, and so happy and interactive--though he'll still just get lost in moments of infatuation with his own hands!  We are closing in on nine months, and I knew things would work themselves out by then.  I don't know if it's me training him or him training me, but sleeping and eating and naps and routines are all falling into place and I feel so much more like a functional person again.  Going to enjoy this ride right now, because chaos is right around the corner.

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Momista Beginnings said...

Oh my word, he's such a doll! Love the photos you took, especially with those feet/legs in the air! So cute, glad to hear things are well. I have a 5 week old (and a 3 year old) and I very much look forward to life mellowing out a bit, some more sleep and less struggles with a colicky baby. -Misty

Andrea @ The Long Way Home said...

Oh, he has the best grin! I love the one of his little toes! Those are always the photos that tell the whole story. <3 I have a six week old (and a 3 year old) and am so looking forward to life mellowing out eventually. We strive on a schedule, but it seems impossible to stick to one just yet. Enjoy that sleep! ;)