Saturday, May 9, 2015


This weekend I will celebrate my first mother's day as a mom to five
and shortly after I will celebrate forty years on this earth.  


This means I should be full of wisdom, right?
All those years of experience paying off?
Finally getting this thing down?

Let's just pause and have a good chuckle at that. 

Perhaps the thing I do know is how little I have control over, how little I have it together.  I'm now expecting the unexpected.  Expecting everything to go wrong.  And therefor I look prepared or experienced because I'm simply anticipating my screw ups on a regular basis.  The baby will have a diaper explosion every time he is put into a 'cute' outfit.  He will have this explosion on my lap at a large family event when I am wearing the only dress I feel good in.  He will not sleep through the night or nap on command.  His siblings will be at their worst when I want them desperately to be at their best.  And if everything isn't a disaster, I'm pleasantly surprised.  Lowered expectations, it really is the key to everything in this parenting gig.

But none of those things really matter.  Cute clothes, nap schedules, how long they use a binky or a bottle, when they sleep through the night, whether or not they are tiny terrors that one time at the neighborhood picnic...these things will not make or break life as a parent.  But love, love really is all you need.  Those kids need to feel and soak up your love so give it freely and with abandon...I'm convinced it makes everything else insignificant.  At least until they are teenagers.  Then best of luck to you.

Happy Mother's Day
with love

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