Wednesday, May 6, 2015

In the Middle

My middle daughter made her first holy communion this past weekend, and in true form, I've just been too swamped with everything else to sit down and write all my thoughts about it.  About the fact that she has become the true middle child of the family, has had more than her fair share of looks from me in the past few weeks that say 'I'm sorry but someone needs me more' and the struggle I've had in trying to find the right amount of 'individual' time and attention for each of my children.  Especially her.

She has always been bright and conscientious, and it has been easy to let her go off on her own devices because I knew she could.  But that doesn't mean she always should.  This morning was the May crowning at school, and so we got to dress up again, and try a few creative shots in the flurry of this morning.  Or let's just say in the flurry of the morning, 'creative shots' are all I got! 

Over the weekend we took some too, but baby brothers (honestly, it's always about him ;) and chickens photo bombed a lot of them.  Yes, being the middle child is a hard lot in life!

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HansHB said...

Beautiful b&w serie, great work!
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Adrienne said...

The first silhouette shot and the one hugging her brother - oh my. Precious. I can't imagine the tugs that you feel - both literally and on your heart strings. I had one easy going and compliant. And one younger...very solicitous of time and attention. I look back and know I tried to do right by both - and I just had the two!! I bet she felt focused on this weekend, whether the lens was able to capture it or not!

Lisa Kerner said...

Ummm.. these shots, I keep wanting to look deeper into them. They are brilliant, and lovely, and tranquil and oh the essence you captured. I love them.

Tom said...


Carie said...

Oh what gorgeous shots, especially the one of her hugging her brother - he's a total scene stealer but when you've finished looking at his gorgeous smile you see so much in your girl's expression, such love and tenderness for a baby brother she clearly adores, even if he is rather time consuming!