Saturday, April 11, 2015

Getting By

Help can come from the most unexpected places.  We've been blessed with a lot of it recently, first with the birth of baby number five and now again as we have been dealing with the surgery and recovery of our oldest daughter.  She continues to improve every day, but the combination of circumstances has taken its toll on my husband and I.  And just when we felt on the brink, we started getting meals.  All this week.  With a family of seven to feed, this is no small gesture.  It definitely took a little of the stress and strain off my shoulders.  Thank goodness for friends.

And just like the support we've gotten, little man is getting a hand of his own.  Surrounded by pillows and puffy comforters and enticed by fuzzy dog, he's wobbly starting to sit.  But if things fall apart, we're there to cushion the blow.

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Carie said...

Oh how wonderful - that really was just what you needed to give yourself a chance to catch your breath. And well done baby boy, that is some fantastic sitting!