Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A {photo} heavy post

 Happy Easter to you.  I have, in my way, been muddling along through life as best as I can with 5 kids, a needy infant, a child recovering from surgery, and a house that is turning into an episode of 'hoarders.'  At least I thought I was keeping my head above water, until I found myself in a screaming match with my husband yesterday...in the driveway...for all the neighborhood to hear.  Sometimes in life you are complacently treading water and then just that fast, you are drowning...and it feels like nobody notices.  Or, even better, when they do see, they point out that you need to kick harder--when they should simply just toss you a rope.

My husband did not pack up and leave, as I suggested.  And I didn't either, despite my harsh words.  We did what we always do, pick up the pieces and muddle on.  And we slowly work through it, usually with a little humor and a little time.  In the end I hope that my children see that life is messy.  That it is loud.  That love isn't always easy or picture perfect--at times it can be work.  At times it can be a lot of work.  But I hope they choose to work instead of walk away.

And with this little bit of drama, here are some pictures that totally don't represent the strife of the past few weeks.  But they do show the good stuff.  The love that is here, and the reason why we will fight so hard to keep it all together.


amanda | wildly simple said...

You speak truth, and capture beauty, Brandi.
YES, it is hard, and it is messy sometimes. I've been there and likely will be again.
Tossing you a rope of friendship and understanding from afar.
How about that sun and bubbles shot! Wow.

Carie said...

It's crazy how narrow the tightrope between coping and overwhelm is - I think I fell off yesterday over the fact that I've been doing laundry for three days straight and there is still a huge pile on the kitchen floor. In hindsight it wasn't anything major but at the time it was the straw that broke the camel's back!! But as they always say, tomorrow is another day. You capture so much beauty in your everyday that I think you're balanced out!