Wednesday, April 22, 2015


We had a big week.  A lengthy car ride up to visit family, in which the baby was passed about meeting most people for the first time, a visit to the beach, time with cousins, sleeping in a new place, a beautiful wedding, and lots of beardy raspberries from daddy.  It was not without incident, as no trip for a family of seven could be, but I have found myself saying time and again recently:
 it's all relative.  

We watched the youngest sibling in my husband's family get married, every detail so important.  We also spent the week with the second youngest brother, who was sweating sleep schedules and feeding routines for his first one and a half year old child.  Many of us have been there.  We smile.  We sympathize.  We totally understand.  

But I am somewhere else.  I am in a world of imperfection.  Where success is sometimes simply surviving the  week of sleepless nights with a teething baby.  And then an eight hour car ride home in which two children have a stomach bug and the baby has the most massive diaper blowout ever while the teenager is oblivious on his cell phone and the oldest daughter is no longer distracted from her uncomfortable surgery recovery by fun and family.  But I know this is small stuff in a week of big things.  I know that I am stronger and more capable because of it.  And I'll appreciate even more the calm and quiet, whenever I eventually find it.

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Kathy McB said...

Pure joy in that last shot!

Carie said...

It's all about the balance isn't it! The car trip home is the price of the fun with your family - and the bonus is that you know that it all will pass!