Sunday, March 22, 2015

Springs and Things oldest daughter is having surgery in 3 days, and I'm about as together as one would expect.  The beauty of my normal, chaotic life, in which I can really only get a handle on one day at a time, is magnificently helpful in its distraction.  I have to focus on the details of today, the many little 'disasters' of the moment, and it keeps me from thinking too much about the big things looming ahead.

The disaster of the moment is the stomach bug my youngest daughter woke up with yesterday.  The past few months we've been quarantining the older kids from the baby when they fall ill, but now the baby catching a bug is minor in comparison to the complications this would make if this spread to the surgery patient.

The reason I believe the youngest daughter caught this bug is because she's been wiggling her first loose tooth all week.  So the tooth fairy made her first stop Friday night leaving a dollar and a stomach bug.

This was only after said daughter was waiting in ambush at 1:30am Thursday night, and the tooth fairy had to leave a note about getting a good night's sleep.

The remains of what I hope is the last snow storm are melting away in the yard.  Looking forward to a little sunshine in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Praying everyone stays well--especially the surgery patient, and peace for a mother's heart.

Carie said...

Oh thats just a bit of extra stress you didn't need - poor poorly girl and poor soon to be patient, I hope she escaped the bug though she might just feel she leapt out of the frying pan into the fire!!