Sunday, March 1, 2015

9|52 & A Random 5

My daughters & husband attended a father/daughter dance this weekend.

So naturally, I spent the past week searching under beds and into the backs of closets and drawers for scattered dress shoes and rarely tolerated tights.  We had a marvelous adventure at the mall in search of dresses, in which we had a fashion show in the Macy's dressing room where my girls were suddenly getting dressed up instead of playing dress up.  It made my heart hurt a little.

Then the baby had a diaper blowout and despite a normally overstocked diaper bag, I found myself without an extra set of clothing...but who would have thought I'd pick up a baby tuxedo outfit on the clearance rack!  After all that, the boys and I went to help set up early for the dance and missed all the traditional photo ops.  But it was super fun.

 The baby was a trooper through it all.  Happy amidst all the hubbub of the week, and made it all through the dance.  He is starting to notice when I leave the room now, though, and instantly protesting.  Which is a little hard to do with all those fingers in his mouth.  Sometimes he gets the whole fist in.

It still continues to be cold and snowy, but the evenings are getting brighter and the birds are singing.  So despite appearances, I feel like Mother Nature knows spring is coming.  I am excited for what the next seasons will bring.

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Nancy said...

So sweet Brandi~ Funny about the emergency tuxedo buy. :) Thanks for joining in my friend. xo

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...
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Kathy McB said...

OH my, I always adored the father/daughter dances. I miss those times so much! Great captures of wonderful memories.

amanda | wildly simple said...

Your baby in a tuxedo is absolutely dashing. :)
Must love diaper blow outs and little girls getting dressed up. :)