Saturday, February 21, 2015


I have wanted to sit down and write something so many times this week, so many different thoughts bouncing around in my head that want to find a way out.  But life does not seem to be getting easier.  The laundry does not let up, the dishes are not fewer.  I tend to see these things as evidence of a busy, happy life, and I do not feel a grievance at having to do them (at least not always), but I do wish I could better carve out a time to sit down and put things into words.  

It used to be enough to take pictures, to capture the visual snapshot of a memory.  It is getting harder, though, to do that.  My oldest has taken on the stereotype of a teenager, always on the go or off in his room talking or texting his friends (or his lady friend).  It feels like so many changes are going on in our lives that I wish to document, that are new and special in ways that differ so much from their early childhood, but I cannot put a camera on them.  I can only sigh as I feel them happening.

In other news, the baby is starting to use his little legs, finding it much more interesting to be upright and looking out at the world.  I think he's even got some teeth on the verge of bursting forth.  I can only hope he is going to start to sleep again, because it is awfully hard to process life when I have slept a full night only twice in the past 6 or so months.

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Carie said...

Aww he's such a clever wee chap, and so very adorable. I know what you mean about feeling like there's no time to get the thoughts down onto paper (and I've only got 3/5th the excuse!) I hope you get some more sleep soon :)

erica @ that wild road said...

life, man? Right? Sometimes you could just totally use a vacation.
What a sweet little portrait of the beauty admists the chaos!

amanda | wildly simple said...

I hear you. Boy, do I hear you.
My documentation has changed drastically with our oldest hitting mid-teens, and now upper teens at 17. "Lady friend"... eeek!!! That part freaked me out at the onset. All part of life, but oh, oh, oh. Some days teenagers just overwhelm me. And the next is at their heels, changing from little boy into something more grown up before my eyes. Snuggle that babe! Days are sometimes long, but the years go faster and faster. hugs!