Saturday, January 3, 2015


Cheers!  Here's to the dawning of a new year!  I hope you've got at least a few resolutions, because if you haven't overindulged and trashed the place a little, well....really, what kind of fun have you had?  I'm sure we could all be healthier and more organized, but I hope you start the year with love and joy and peace and wonderful memories from the holidays.

I suddenly find myself with a bunch of photo resolutions.  At the end of the year I would have said it's time to focus on something else (ha ha) but since the hubby went all awesome and bought me a new camera, I might as well do my best to master it.  So I've got a year long forum I joined (first time I've done this, interesting so far--monthly lessons with image sharing/critique.), I'll start fresh with a weekly project on Flickr (pun again as the first prompt is fresh), and I'm attempting a 365 with my phone via Instagram.  At least I never run out of cute subject matter.

Anyone else starting a new photography project?  Maybe jumping into something else new and exciting with the new year?  Or are you still enjoying the holiday break?  I'm ready to jump into 2015, but not quite done with the holiday hibernation.  One more day to get the good out.


Kathy McB said...

Holy moly..that face of your little one EXUDES personality! I need one :)

Jessica said...

I love, love, love your photos and have no doubt that you will totally rock 2015. I've been in a photography rut and am looking to spice it up a bit this year - try new things, branch out of my comfort zone etc. I've been using LR almost exclusively for the past couple of years for editing and don't know if I want to stick with that or play around more in PS. What are you using for processing? Do you like any actions or presets? I love the tones you pulled in the kisses shot!!

Can't wait to see more from you!

Love and light,