Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Making My Way {4/52}

I am definitely out of a blogging rhythm, but I am slowly making new and wonderful habits for myself in the new year.  A lot of cleaning and sorting going least there is when I am not continuing to take extensive & leisurely mornings in bed.  I've tried to instill the same rules for myself as I do for the kids--no computer time when there are pending chores!  So, not a lot of computer time for me!  I feel so much better, though.  I was even able over the weekend to invite folks over for sledding and cocoa and even dinner without a dreaded and stressful 'cleaning campaign.'  It makes a world of difference to be on top of the clutter instead of buried under it.

We have been shoveling our way out of snow, too--and that has been awfully enjoyable.  My kids are now at the age that they can dress and undress themselves for the elements (and most of their clothes, gloves, and boots even make it onto or near the drying rack!)--and that makes snow days so much more fun!  The baby made it out and had his first sled ride, but I'm sure he will find the whole thing a lot more interesting in a few years.

The kids are back in school today, so I can tackle some laundry and maybe replenish the cocoa supplies.  Two thousand and fifteen has had a slow and steady start, and it feels good.  Hope you've been enjoying this first month of the year!  

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carol l mckenna said...

All wonderful photos ~ BW shot is excellent ~ Happy and loving family ~ yes, structure and order do help us all and look how creative your photography is!

Happy Wednesday,
artmusedog and carol
ps. Cape Ann MA buried in snow!

HansHB said...

A great serie, cute "models" too.
I do like your b&w shots best!
My b&w post at:

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Oh Brandi!
It might be b & w wednesday but OH! Blue Bundle of Baby on Snow and Green and Red Girl in Snow are WoNdERfuL!
This is a better than average January for me, too. HAPPY and GRATEFUL about that!
Happy Wednesday from m & jb

bettyl-NZ said...

Changes are not easy but, if we want them badly enough, we stick to them. Good on you for your excellent start of the new year!
The kids are just beautiful and those smiles say it all! said...

Pure delight just looking at your happy children! They must have had a wonderful time! And the baby is so cute.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful shots, especially love the action shot of the girl sledding down the hill.
The baby is adorable too! I wasn't brave enough to take my littlest out in this latest batch of snow.
~Ruth Anne