Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Getting Grabby

So, how's the new year treating you?  I am happy to get back into some routine.  Unfortunately, the time the kids are in school goes by so fast, I feel like I don't really accomplish much of anything--except maybe a little special alone time with the baby.  And of course, that's enough!  But, all that new year organization and exercising will be coming along very, very slowly...because not only is it difficult to get much done, I'd definitely rather snuggle up with the baby when given a choice.  Who wouldn't? 

 The babe is changing so much already, getting very grabby and putting everything in his mouth.  He hasn't rolled over yet, but is so wiggly and squirmy that I will find him in a totally different orientation in the crib or floor gym than I left him, and I can't help but freak out a little at all the stuff he'll be getting into in a very short time.  Make it stop!  

I'm having a really great time playing with my new camera, and enjoying the instagram 365 I've embarked on much more than I thought I would (camera phones irk me to no end, I'm terrible!), but the forum I joined hasn't really clicked for me yet.  I feel like I'm giving feedback, just not really getting much yet.  I'll keep plugging along (it's a yearlong stint) and hopefully get into the groove.  Maybe I'll try to find another Flickr group to join.  Either that or clean out a closet!

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Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

I would definitely go with cleaning the closet.