Monday, January 12, 2015

2/52 & 10on10 :: Sort of

 I joined a photography 'forum' this year.  I didn't really know what that would mean, exactly.  In many ways not what I expected, but still good.  I think.  It is very much like a class I took locally, but with lots and lots of online people I've never met.  Some very good and professional, and some quite novice.  I think I fall somewhere in the middle.  

And much like the local class I took, my main frustration is the 'rules.'  There is nothing new so far, this month is composition and I've studied this before.  I can go back through my 'work' as a photographer and find lots of examples of leading lines and the rule of thirds and formal composition.  Some of them are even quite good!  But when I start to try to do these things with intention I lose my mind a little.  And then I keep trying and lose my mind a little more.  Because following the rules (simply for the sake of a 'rule') does not always make an interesting picture.  But I know that I will learn something by trying.  And that results in lots of pictures from the weekend in which I try to work on composition (mostly leading lines, because I was trying to move beyond the obvious lane or sidewalk and kinda failing--I'm also still getting the hang of the new camera and my focus and exposure is kinda all over the place--and the color looks off--ugh.).

It isn't really a 10 on 10 or an intentional weekly portrait, but I've gone so batty and taken so many pictures that I have to do something with them this morning.  Perhaps so that I feel there was a point to it all.  And now I will put down my camera for a few days and clean out some more closets.  

Happy Monday, friends.

 Joining in with Jodi and Rebekah


Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Smiling, smiling at your pix.

Carie said...

They are all beautiful photos - and I think the nicest thing about them is that I can see the leading lines if I focus on looking for them, but they aren't the first thing I notice - it drives me batty when you see a picture that has focussed so much on composing with leading lines etc that it's a picture of leading lines with what was meant to be the subject off to one side!