Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3rd

Okay, I usually like a small tree, but this is pushing it even for me :)  A few years back I bought a little rosemary tree around the holidays and successfully kept it alive until spring.  It even bloomed the cutest little blooms!  But I've had a hard time finding one since then.  Until today!  Or so I thought.  Found one at the store and while it smelled was a little 'off'.  When we got home I realized it was lavender!  Now I like lavender, but I can't trim it onto my potatoes...and I'll probably kill it before the new year.  Bummer.

We'll head out for the real tree in a week or two, but we'll enjoy this little guy until then.  I'm just going to assume I can keep it alive that long.

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