Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Up and Down

I feel as though I've turned bipolar.  I'm swinging from high to low and having a hard time pinning down all the ideas floating around in my head.  Parenthood has a way of stretching your thin,  taking you to the deepest, darkest places-- those middle of the night delirious wake ups in agony from falling asleep in some nursing contortionist pose or the nights spent pacing with a crying baby and fire shooting up your spine and shoulders--right back to the best highs of your life--a smile!  a coo!  successfully taking a shower!  These small successes can make you feel like you can do anything!  Mommy and me yoga?  Of course!  That will be awesome!  (aside from all the crying babies)  Scrapbooking?  Absolutely!  I totally want to try that now and preserve all these fabulous memories.  If I can survive another baby, what can't I do??

So, yes, I tried baby yoga and I bought some scrapbooking supplies.  I might even try to take an online class because I feel like I really need a creative outlet to chronicle all these successes and failures--something that takes the memories and the photographs off the computer and into the hands of loved ones.  I've been angling to do some photo books online, but I have to admit I really don't like the process of making them.  With the scrapbooking aspect, I could start now and work backward as I get the chance.  I never really saw myself as a scrapbooker, but I feel like there is definitely a way to 'make it your own'--see if this article inspires you, too.  

But then again, I may just be delirious from lack of sleep
or an overdose of super cute sideways baby smiles.
Hard to tell.


carol l mckenna said...

What an adorable baby and expression and creative shot!
~ Yes, parenting is the most important job in the world yet it is also exhausting ~ Try remembering this 'too shall pass' ~ Enjoy the moment and be creative for yourself when you find the moments ~ 'just my thoughts'

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Oh what a funny little sly smile! Just finished praying for you. Asked God to pour Himself into you and give you His strength. Don't scrapbook myself. Started my blog instead. Figured posterity's children can look at it if they want to after I have gone to Glory!
xo, m & jb (who sends you kitty kisses)

HansHB said...

So cute! Beautiful b&w post!
My post at:

Adrienne said...

Oh my word. Might just have to send you an email about scrapbooking - started about 10 years kids were 14 and 11 so did most of my scrapbooking "backwards" - wish I was around the corner! Few things I enjoy more than helping someone get started/comfortable with this craft! It's such a meaningful way to share our perspective on our family's story...I love that my kids will always know how I saw them and feel about them!! {enough for now!}

Carie said...

Cute baby smiles will make you feel like you can do anything! And he is utterly gorgeous :) as for scrapbooking - i have scrapbooking supplies ..... I'm thinking I should just print the blog for each of the children one day!

The Lady Okie said...

Have you heard of something called Project Life? The idea is basically minimalist scrap booking. I just bought an album yesterday, in fact. It might be perfect for what you're wanting. Just a thought :)