Thursday, November 6, 2014

Scraps of Thoughts

The babe and I have had a quiet morning, and I've been able to sort a bit through the scrapbooking supplies I bought the other day.  Immediately I am struck by a few things:

1.  It may never be enough.
I had to have a few supplies and mess around with before I could really get a handle on what else I'd need to buy...and with a few supplies comes the 'need' for more.  I'm pretty sure it is a very slippery slope between dabbling in this and having whole rooms of the house dedicated to it.

2.  This is pretty smart.
A few minutes spent looking at my supplies (those I bought like album and pages, and those I gathered like photos and kids' drawings) and the creative juices were flowing.  If you are organized enough, you can easily take things I've been stacking or sticking in a box (pictures/artwork/birth announcement) and make a few album pages dedicated to the passing season (of fall).  Then I'd have something pretty to look at or show off instead of all this clutter around my house.  That's smart.

3.  You can take it as it comes.
As opposed to an online made photo book which becomes a finite finished product, this album can take a life of its own.  I don't have to decide right now if it's a yearly album or an ongoing family album or what, I can just start and see where it takes me.  I like that.  It's flexible, and it takes off the pressure that I feel when trying to make a photo book.

But, after my initial surmising, I then culled through the past year of pictures month by month on my computer, uploading for printing...and here's where it gets ya--scrapbooking is going to be expensive.  I'd guess the cost for supplies + printing of photos (and I didn't print a year's worth, though I probably printed more than I should have)  will be significantly more expensive than making a photo book via shutterfly or the like.  But I guess until I get into the nitty gritty I can't really tell--I could have enough photos and supplies to get through one album and the bulk of a second.  Or perhaps I'll enjoy the process of it enough that the cost won't matter as much.  Either way, it's taking me back through memories and helping me pin a few down for posterity.


Adrienne said...

And you can WRITE. So that, along with your sensitive vision that comes through your photographs, your children will always have your words...your thoughts penned in your hand to carry them forward. 14 years and - easily - 100 scrapbooks later (not all for me, mind you) I can tell you that it is...for me... the process that I am in love with. I like the synthesis. The combining. The pulling together of photo, ticket stub, playbill, story, colors and texture. My guiding principle has always been to let the photo tell the story - if the page around it is so full of "decoration" that the 'extras' hold your attention more than the photo, for me, I've missed the mark. Keeping it simple helps keep the costs down and helps to highlight the photos. {more to follow in an email!}

Carie said...

I always like the idea of scrapbook pages and then when push comes to shove I wonder whether the photo or the story is good enough to use up the nice pretty supplies....!