Wednesday, November 19, 2014

now and then

We started the day with a dusting of snow at the bus stop.  It is hard to believe it's that time of year, but yes, Thanksgiving is right 'round the corner.  I spent the morning dreaming of Christmas as I primped and prepped the 'foundation pages' for my December album project, looking at the calender and trying to envision what we'll be doing on those holly days.  The dining room turns craft room in between meals (which thankfully we are using it for more and more with sparkly and exciting new chairs to sit on), next week it will seat our family for Thanksgiving.

I spent the evening ordering another batch of photographs, hoping to have the majority of 2014 documented in an album by the holiday.  It would be a wonderful tradition to be able to look back over the year and give thanks for all that we have, especially heading into Christmas.  I have to admit, this year it is easy--we have more than enough.

Black and White Wednesday


carol l mckenna said...

Creative shot ~ love the adorable sleeping baby ~ lovely album for the year and what a great idea!

Happy Wednesday,
artmusedog and carol

Carie said...

You have snow!!! We don't really get snow over here and I grew up on the coast so I still think it's very exciting! I love your shot of your wee boy snoozing away too - definitely a very good thing to be thankful for!