Friday, November 7, 2014


I find the glass half full.
I'm pretty good at seeing life
through rose colored glasses. Silver linings,
those come to me rather easily.
So the pictures show sunshine and
smiles, despite a leaf stem to
the eye, heated accusations, crying and 
stomping off into the house. I
want to remember the good, but
I hope I remember all the
other stuff.  If nothing else, so
that I can commiserate with my
daughters once they are mothers too.


Steinsdotter said...

Gorgeous pictures and stunning colors.

Carol said...

Love all your pictures. And I really enjoyed your words today.

I've always looked at things through rose colored glasses, too. Now that I'm much older I refer to it as my "bubble". I like it there! But I'm with you, we need to remember and even write down, the trials we emerge from. For they are the things that make us grow.

Adrienne said...

In my case, where I tend to remember the things I've photographed....and not a whole lot else...I've found my kids are excellent at sharing their memories - of the good and not so good! My daughter especially. She is our real family "historian" ... I tell the tale through those 'look back in time' rose colored glasses!

Nicki said...

It is a blessing in life to have the ability to recollect the past with a twist of rose-color, glass-half-full perspective. I remember tough times as a child, and some of the rough spots in raising my own children - but the good have always outweighed the bad.

You do a magnificent job on capturing your children and their energy - the best parts of growing up.