Sunday, October 12, 2014


I finally managed to get outside for just a bit with my girls.  It was so good to feel a little sunshine on my face and take in some of the gorgeous color making its way into the world this time of year.  I doubt we'll make it to one of the local pumpkin hot spots, but we have had a very successful year for produce and such in our own yard. 

I missed most of the pumpkin patch photo ops before our garden was cleared, but we've got quite a collection of pumpkins for the front porch,

and have had enough apples for nearly 30 some gallons of cider made at a local press. 

 And despite an attacking bobcat (which took 3 of our new baby birds--boohoo!) we are starting to get some eggs from our new remaining chickens.  Now we've got little white eggs to add to the mix!  

A busy time here with a lot going on, but we are starting to enjoy the fruits of our labors--
especially this little guy!


Kim said...

What a beautiful post. Fall is such a lovely time of year, and you have captured so much of its beauty here.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hi Brandi,
Aren't little baby fingers just the best?
And, WOW! Is that a black pumpkin???
Glad you got outside with the kids!

Carie said...

Wow you've managed a lot of produce from your garden - and that is one incredible pumpkin - all the more impressive given the arrival of your littlest boy, who is still just gorgeous - he's starting to unscrumple from the newborn stage and he's just so cute!