Saturday, October 11, 2014

10 on 10 :: October

I keep telling myself to get outside and photograph a little bit of fall.  It's almost painful to watch the changing light and color out my windows, but feel so trapped inside.  Mostly I don't mind, though, as I have good reason to hole up and let the changes pass outside.  There'll be plenty of time for falling leaves and pumpkins in the future.

breakfast // last bath with grandma // full belly // sleeping when the baby sleeps // snack // Scooby Doo match // brothers // counting money // bedtime 1 // bedtime 2


Lyndsay Lewis said...

Love your set! I remember having those days too and was thankful for my winter baby, it made those stretches of not really leaving the house a tad easier ;)

Beautiful images!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little one! I love the sepia cast to your photographs, a tell-tale sign of the indoor setting that gives them such a cozy feel.

Carie said...

Ah autumn leaves can wait when everything is so lovely and cozy tucked up inside being a family :)