Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Not that labor day.  I'm not ready yet.  I'm uncomfortable and miserable, but there just always seems to be something I want to do before.  I always need one more day.

We've been very happily enjoying a crop of raspberries--looking forward to this all summer.  The fruit is not only super tasty, but high in fiber and low in sugar.  I haven't officially been diagnosed with gestational diabetes this pregnancy, but I definitely have an intolerance and have been testing my sugars just to be safe.  I'd prefer not to top my previous record of an 8 and half pound baby.  To be honest, the baby's size has not correlated to the most difficult of my deliveries/recoveries.  So, I guess I just do what I can and hope for the best.  

I spent the beginning of the weekend with a bevy of contractions.  They didn't go anywhere, sporatic in time and intensity and made for a rather miserable anniversary and a listless birthday celebration for my hubby.  I feel a bit better right now.  It isn't unexpected, my last two pregnancies ended the same...weeks of on/off contractions.  Luckily my labors were short, at ya know, the very end, but it feels almost unfair to say that considering how long the process as a whole really was.

I'll be trying my best to keep the food and toilet paper stocked, the laundry and dishes up to date, and the rest of the time waddling back and forth from the couch to the bathroom.  Wish me luck.


Mascha said...

Your photos are amazing, most I like the first with the light.
Alls the best for you :-)

amanda | wildly simple said...

Very much the best of luck to you!
Our fifth outweighed the previous biggest baby by almost a pound, at just an ounce under 9 pounds.
It was a torturous pregnancy, but wonderful labor & delivery. :)
I can't wait to "meet" your new little one!