Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Useful Nesting

I've had an ongoing battle with the dining room--something I really looked forward to having when we renovated our house a few years ago.  I was excited about the room itself, with exposed stone on one wall from our original house...I was so excited watching the construction.  Unfortunately,  it has deteriorated into a hallway of sorts between the rest of the house and the office.  In fact, it spent most of the summer with piles of last year's school papers all over.  :(

So with nesting in full swing, I tore into it and tried to figure out why it doesn't get used.  I think it is a combination of being dark (just one window) and perhaps a lack of comfortable chairs (a collection of odds and ends chairs are what we are currently using).  So I rearranged shelves with a collection of craft supplies, dishes, and board games hoping to encourage folks into the room, and started searching antique stores and second hand shops for chairs.  

But the biggest difference I noticed is when I brought in a cordless speaker to aid in my cleaning motivation...and suddenly everyone was in the room dancing and playing.  Course, I shooed them away so I could clean, but I set up some music the next day when things were sorted, and painting and crafting ensued.  And the next morning when I came downstairs, there were games of chess ongoing.  
Perhaps we are getting somewhere.


Adrienne said...

What a great solution!! Who would have guessed that adding the music would be such a catalyst!

Steinsdotter said...

Looks like a great space...
And who doesn't wanna dance when music is played? ;) hihi