Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Today I said yes to playing in the rain and indoor s'mores.
Still debating the ear piercing :)


Mascha said...

Your photos are very athmospheric.
(and I think, and ear pircing is cute... I have too, have done it as adult woman, because my mother has not want - )
All the best for you :-)

Anonymous said...

Go with ear piercing. I LOVE my pierced ears, because, although my mother nearly fainted when I came home at age 18 having had my ears pierced, my Grandmother had pierced ears. Every time I put in a pair of earrings, it reminds me of her.

Ida said...

What fun to play in the rain. She is just adorable. That 3rd shot is so darling. Indoor S'Mores are just as yummy. I waited until I was 13 for the ear piercing but now I don't wear them at all because my ears get infected all the time.