Monday, August 18, 2014


Four kids in a frame:  school shopping.

I survived.  Phew.  Now usually I kinda look forward to this.  I love the fresh start of new supplies, new clothes, new haircut...such a great time of year full of hopes and dreams.  But shopping for 4 kids...while pregnant...let's just say more than one Target worker spoke to me in an 'are you gonna make it?' kinda way and the cashier (bless her soul) gave my kids a 5 minute 'talk' about letting mom nap once we get our ridiculous pile of loot home.  Guess I looked pretty beat.  (Didn't help that after all the cleaning and sorting I had been doing this week, I found presents left by a mouse in the kitchen drawers and had to tackle that too.  Sigh)  

I'm hoping to get some rest and have my own fresh start this week, cause we've only got one last little bit of summer to grab hold of.  Things have deteriorated around here to bickering and video games while I was off in my own world of dirt and here's to hoping I can pull it together for just a little bit longer!


Carie said...

Done sounds about right! Hopefully you got a nice nap and you're feeling less done in - it's not long until school starts now!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hello Brandi! I have every confidence you can pull it together! Yes, you can.
Every mother I speak to is coming back dazed and confused and not a little poorer from school shopping. When I was a kid it was a new outfit, a pencil case, and maybe a lunch box. Everything else was provided by the school. Now kids have humongous lists of stuff to get. I know this is not new information to you. Hang on -school starts next week! (((hugs)))

hayley at shutterflies said...

I used to love shopping for new school stuff when I was little. As the mum though? Ugh! Almost there! x