Saturday, July 12, 2014


We have returned from a week long stay by the sand and shore with extended family.  It was great for my kids to spend time with cousins and aunts and uncles and grandma, and this attempt to capture the moon on our last night there is the only one I got of just the four of them.  Otherwise they were splashing and swimming and body boarding and hand holding and playing with cousins.  

Good times were had by all.  But I have entered the ridiculously uncomfortable phase of pregnancy, and I'm pretty sure I won't get a decent night's sleep....for a year or so.  Which made this week, with schleping to the beach and washing off sand and packing and particularly coming home and trying to unpack and organize in the July heat, occasionally miserable for me.  Trying to count my blessings, but let's face it...once the waddle sets in, it can be hard to see beyond the giant beach ball belly I'm lugging around.  I'm getting a lot of help, and hopefully a few days of loafing will help me recover...because I've got 2 more months to waddle through.  Yikes.  


MrsW said...

Have you used filters on your images? They're just gorgeous. I especially love the shot at the top - the vast nothingness between the sea and the moon, the light on the water, it's just magic!

Maria (one tiny leap) said...

Stunning photos all around. Looks like they made some fantastic memories there x

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Oh, I LIKE the four of them with the moon.
I'm guessing you don't have air-conditioning in the house? If not, I am so sorry you have to suffer through a hot sumer being heavily pregnant. Is the baby due around the end of September?
Hugs, maureen

Dre | no frills mum said...

Great photos of special times. I love the second bottom one especially. Beautiful capture and amazing light :)

Faded Seaside Mama said...

Stunning photos although I'm sorry that you weren't finding it so easy - the final stretch is so tough -especially with all the added pressures holidays bring. Hope you're getting some rest now and feeling a bit brighter.