Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Ugh.  It just happened again.  I've come across another article on being an older mom, in which I think that maybe, just maybe this once, someone will talk about having children throughout their 20s and 30s (or 40s).  But instead, it is always a versus scenario--being a 20 something parent versus the career driven mom who waited until she was 40 to start a family.  Apparently nobody just keeps having kids like I have.  Oh, I know there are those who have.  Like the Duggers.  But...come on.

I'm struggling a bit with how to manage this, and it is hard to find someone else who relates.  All the pregnancy and baby magazines are geared at first timers, with the occasional article thrown in about welcoming a second child.  No resources on how a new baby affects my teenager...or how I manage to face the diapers and nursing and nap times and night waking (again) and still face puberty and homework and dating and driving in the daylight hours.  

I do look forward to the return of the power of a pot of coffee.

Of course, we'll figure it out.  But I'm definitely a little stuck between the direction my life was going before and starting all over again.  I am very blessed, but it isn't always black and white, good or bad, sometimes even blessings present struggles and shades of gray...and sometimes we just need to find a cozy place to figure it all out.


Carie said...

I think that's very true - there aren't even very many resources around on having a third child relatively close to the other two (and a quick google search just brings up lots of articles by people saying that it was the third one that really broke them, which is - helpful!) Perhaps they think we've got it figured out by now - or perhaps you need to be the one to write the articles!!?

Adrienne said...

I have no words of a mom of two, I pretended to have lots more by "adopting" my kids friends...but they tended to all be around the same age ;-) The blogger that started six word fridays, and handed it down to me when she changed her blogging format, is one of my faves. Here's a link to her "about me" page: She has a wonderful sense of humor, a heart of gold, and talks about the messy stuff as a mom of six!! Hope she'll provide some encouragement!

The Lady Okie said...

I don't think any of us really think about how our words affect others like this. I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated. I obviously have no words of wisdom, but I'm sure you will figure it all out in the fabulous style you seem to love life already :) with lovely pictures and a beautiful family to show for it!

Mascha said...

Wish you good luck :-)
The photo is unique beautiful.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Phooey on them. My niece had her second child at age 40, and my friend, who was told she could not have another child, was very surprised to be pregnant at age 43. Her first daughter was 19 at the time. My nephew is 49. His four kids range in age from 20 to 2. My friend, Grace had two kids, then 22 years later, a third. There is 13 years between my brother and me. He started college the day I started kindergarten!