Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hot and sticky July is back.  I'm not sure if that is the reason I've come down with a horrible funk?  Sadly, I'm feeling pretty nasty, and it shows.  Catching fireflies couldn't break it.  Or fresh farmer's market bread.  Or even ice cream.  But my son just put in an air conditioner, so that might help.  He's a good egg.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the air conditioning helps :) Catching fireflies would have done it for my little sister, she's always enjoyed catching bugs and lizards. These photos remind me of her!

Adrienne said...

oh mama/mama-to-be ... hope you can find a way to not be too hard on yourself. Your wonderful crew will wander with the chickens til summer's will come, you will feel fall's breeze and you'll start to feel like getting stuff done again. In the mean time...hugs to you - or high five. Might be to hot for hugs!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hi Brandi,
This stifling weather can funkify anyone. Maybe not a lizard. Plus you are in the land of, "And WHY did I think being pregnant in the summer would be a Good Idea?"
Not to mention being mama to 4 + 1 is Very Draining when so much of your vitality is going toward making that baby.
I bet a/c is gonna help a lot. Just knowing you can get out of the heat if you have to is a blessing. Out of the heat with a favorite treat is even better.

May God keep you cool in Body, Mind, and Spirit. xxoo, m & jb

Carie said...

Feeling horribly hot is enough to put anyone in a funk. We've only got AC in the car and I'll admit it does make all sorts of car journeys sound unusually tempting!

Pat said...

Love these - so full of life and fun!

Anonymous said...

These have a slow motion feel to me. Perfect for July heat.~May