Friday, June 20, 2014


I am happy to report that
the initial waves of exhaustion (and
nausea) are being replaced with spurts
of energy.  I've allowed the trashing
of our living room in the
name of tent making, and I've
even been seen with a power 
tool or two, taking on home 
projects that had been long forgotten.

At some point I realized this
could be pregnancy nesting, and I
was a little terrified.  I may
moan and groan about a long, 
hot summer of pregnancy, but I
still haven't quite come to grips
with the reality that a baby
will come at the end.  I'm
not ready.  There is so much 
to do.  We better get busy. 


Adrienne said...

At first glance I thought the toes were going to be "waving" - so cute! I miss the days of living room forts. Or living room exotic islands - that was more about sofa cushions and jumping.... Glad you're feeling better - and you know, far better than I - how elastic our hearts, minds and homes really will find plenty of room in everyone's heart...and that's all he'll really need!

Katarina said...

You will be ready - I'm sure of that!