Wednesday, June 18, 2014


So we gave a chicken a bath yesterday.  Ya know, cause there isn't enough to do around here.  Speckles developed signs of 'vent gleet'--I'll spare you the details, it's pretty gross, but you can google it if you are curious or a concerned chicken owner--part of the treatment is feeding her (and the others for preventative measures) yogurt and apple cider vinegar...and a bath.  She looks better now, but hard to tell.  Not something I've ever dealt with before...

or something I'm very excited to deal with just as we are about to introduce the new babies to the old ladies.  I'd really like to get them all in the coup.  We've been letting the little ladies outside during the day, and I'm starting to think the babes think the house is their coup.  They come to the door or front window at night.  We have a cage for sleeping that we wrangle them into, but I don't know how the whole coup transition is going to go.  A lot of on the job learning here for this chicken lady.


Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hey Brandi...Ok, so how did I somehow miss that you have chickens? Vent Gleet sounds like a good name for a rock band. Just think of it that way -you'll feel better about it.
And I thought the possibility of having to give Miss Josephina a bath was problematic.
LoVe the chic pix -especially the one of them all in a row!
xx, m & jb

Momista Beginnings said...

Aw great photos! We have chickens, too. I think there are 19 of them and one rooster. When we expanded our chicken population, we kept the 2 different groups separate until the babies were old enough to join the coop. My husband placed the babies on the branches in their actual covered coop in the night while the older hens were asleep. When everyone woke up, there were no issues. It's almost as if the older chickens thought the younger ones were in there all along! Small brains, right? Hope your introduction goes well with no girl fights :) -Misty

Jennifer said...

Hi Brandi, I LOVE the photo of the chicken looking into the door. What a great capture.

Mascha said...

If there is also concern - it is a great and lovely photostory!
Most I like the double portrait of the girl with the chick , thats so heartful -