Friday, May 16, 2014


I came across this set in
a top dresser drawer.  It was
a forgotten present.  It occurred to
me that perhaps I feel more
 like a superhero now than I
ever have.  My body is an
amazing thing.  Really.  Flaws and all.


Miriam said...

Wonderful picture and take on the prompt. Hope your peonies flower soon...

Debbie said...

our bodies are miracle makers and we spend most of our lives hating them. i'm not sure why.....we often only see our flaws. perhaps it's our need to look and feel like a super hero!!

Adrienne said...

This is so moving. Really, really special. Continued prayers for that new little miracle of yours!! And thanks so much for linking up.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Brandi, the most beautiful superhero I've ever seen. Go Wonder Woman!

amanda | wildly simple said...

I love it!
I wish I'd taken more photos when I was performing my own wondrous feats & heroic adventures of growing our babes.
Go, you! :)

Amanda Ryan said...

I think this is the most truthful and beautiful maternity picture I've ever seen, thanks for sharing.