Friday, May 23, 2014


I hope when they get older,
my kids will have as great
a memory of summer as I do.

It's that time again!  Time when I start to think about summer and all the fun to be had in a few very short weeks--though it kinda gets its kick off this weekend.  I try to (at least) start out prepared, fridge stocked with ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, picnic supplies and lemonade, a few new books for summer reading, and a stack of supplies by the back door for outdoor fun.

As my kids get older, I've added a few of the more 'classic' chapter books to our library every year.  I started making a list of those I bought intentionally, but then I found this link--and we've read/or own the greater majority--and the list gave me some great leads for this year's books, too: Love That Dog, Sarah, Plain and Tall, Artemis Fowl, & Ella Enchanted are all in contention for this summer.

And here's some of what I'll be stocking up on for easy access all summer:

Binoculars and bird book
picnic supplies
stargazing chart--meteor shower guide (there's one this weekend!)
bell jar/magnifying glass/bug catching net--butterfly/bug guide

We usually have a list of places to visit, as well, like local museums, nature centers, library.  I'm always looking for free things to do, and I anticipate a lot of time spent in the garden and pool.

For me, it might be a 
long, hot, sweaty summer being pregnant,  
but I certainly plan to make 
the best of it.  Pretty soon
 it will only be a memory.


Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

As usual, Brandi, you have paired words and pix to tell a beautiful story.
And although I am 59, I always keep Bubble Stuff in my purse for emergencies.
Never know when the situation will call for bubbles!

Claudia Willison said...

Oh my, you are so mega prepared, I really am impressed. Yet still, through your words I seem to hear that you are also relaxed about it. Which is a great mix! I bet your children will have very fond memories of all the times you spent together making memories.

Adrienne said...

Love. Funny, these pictures brought me back into YOUR memories!! I love what Claudia said - that mix of prepared and relaxed is a great notion for summer...and, really, every season of our lives!!

Mascha said...

What a lovely post with so many different summer feelings... I remember my childhood... -
Wish you all the best and your family a great summer :-)

The Lady Okie said...

Woah that firework picture is awesome!

Ida said...

You are one well prepared mom. I'm looking forward to having Coleen home for the summer too. We'll do some fun things as well. Loved your Fireworks shot.

Jenny said...

I lived in the country so my five children coule take off for the fields and Woods, creeks and neighbors at will. I Always had summer camps, Vacation Bible School and art activities lined up. How could I forget the swimming lessons? Fireflies, hide and go seek, barbecue parties and a hot tub at home to cool off in(it was Texas). Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Very nice. xo Jenny

Miriam said...

This is such a lovably post and I have a little bottle of bubbles in my bag too!