Sunday, May 4, 2014


Like many parents, we spend a lot of our Saturdays on the sidelines of kids' activities and events.  I knew a tournament two hours away with 3 sisters in tow was going to make for a long day, but with baby #5 on the way, my husband isn't turning away a little overtime.  So we made the best of it.  And when we got bored we goofed around, searched for our first dandelions of the season, and occasionally watched a little lacrosse.  And we took a lot of pictures.

This one is practicing her mothering, 
and has already revealed her plans to make the new baby 'like her best.'

I've been stalking some new link ups for a few weeks, finally biting the bullet and joining in:
Practicing Simplicity: 52 Project
I Heart Snapping: Living Arrows


Adrienne said...

Wonderful 'day in the grass'!! My favorite is the one with the "sleeping" girl in the foreground as the game goes on in the background! And I bet you'll have more "mother's help" than you know what to do with ;-)

Mascha said...

So lovely series!

Anonymous said...

Everything is so pretty and dramatic! Its the color. Everyone is so happy! Thanks for sharing! #LivingArrows

rebecca said...

Beautiful captures Brandi! Thanks for linking up with STS this week. :)

amanda | wildly simple said...

Our #5 was born in February, and with the twins at the ages they were at at the time, baseball season didn't start until June.. so he was 4 months old when he began his sidelines adventures for that whole summer.. and year round sports seasons ever since!
The older boys were starting varsity by the time he was in kindergarten last year - so that meant Friday night games in the northern MN autumn cold, starting at 7:00 or so.. after a full week of kindergarten, he was BEAT on Friday nights & would be near falling asleep by halftime.
Baseball & football are my favorite- because the younger kids can bring a ball, run & play with other kids, roll in the grass & more.
Basketball is rather confining for the youngster fans. Ride in the car... sit on the bleachers.. ride in the car. We try to avoid that when we can for them, by giving them a night off with Granny coming to hang out at our house while we go support the two on the court. :)
Beautiful pictures, as always, Brandi!

Toby Goes Bananas said...

Great photos - it looks like everyone had a great day. And baby number 5 on the way? I struggle enough with one!!