Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I've been pondering quite a bit recently about this blog, whether it has any usefulness and how I could make it more so.  I love photography, but I'm not much for tips and tricks, I don't have extensive knowledge of camera equipment or Photoshop (I use only a Canon Rebel T4i, 50mm lens and PicMonkey), and there are plenty of tutorials out there already that you can Google.  I got to thinking as I was writing this last post about flaws and perfection, and an idea came to me for a series (or at least a post or two) of 'behind the scenes.'  Not ones in which I tell you how I approached the well thought out and perfect shot as a professional (which I'm not), but more of a look at how I fixed or dealt with mistakes along the way as an enthusiast.  Cause if there is something I know a bit about, it's messing things up!  
Since messing up the exposure is something I did just this morning, I'll jump in right now with the following photos.  Here's the 'behind the scenes':

There was a ray of morning sunshine, the first lily of the valley blooms, and a fresh from storage summer dress (that thankfully still fit!)...and I wanted to capture all that in a lovely photograph.  My model was even willing.  But, as soon as we headed outside, the sun disappeared behind dark clouds and my golden light was gone.  Plus, my daughter didn't want to stay in one spot and I couldn't manage to get my exposure right manually with the weird light and her wiggles as I tried to adjust angles.  So, I ended up with straight out of the camera (SOOC) shots that were rather lackluster and dark, and I almost deleted them all.  But instead, I went into PicMonkey and used my mistakes as an excuse to experiment with editing.  And an excuse to fuss on the computer all morning and ignore the laundry.

I wish I could tell you exactly what I did, but it was a series of trying and adjusting effects (you can 'fade' the effects to get just what you want as well as using multiple effects in varying degrees).  I tried adding a bit of 'Sunglow,' 'Dusk' and 'Intrepid' and some 'Papyrus' textures as well.  And eventually, tried them all in the black and white 'Daguerreotype' effect--one of my favs.  (I do pay for the upgraded Royale features, and I love them.)


Combo-effect color edit

Daguerreotype of combo-effect color edit


Combo-effect color edit

Daguerreotype of combo-effect color edit

I'm certainly not saying the results are everybody's cup of tea or in any way 'perfect,' but I took a frustrating 'shoot' that I thought was a wash and managed to make something out of it in editing--and I love they way they turned out.  My point is, we all make mistakes and have things go astray, but it doesn't mean there aren't ways to turn it around and find the silver lining.  Or at the very least learn a little (and find an excuse to do something other than laundry).

An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made in a very narrow field.
~Niels Bohr

No man ever became great or good except through many and great mistakes.
~William E. Gladstone


The Lady Okie said...

I can see how you might think your blog doesn't have use. I feel like that a lot myself. But for what it's worth, I LOVE looking at your pictures. In a non creepy kind of way, of course. You really take beautiful shots, and it inspires me. This behind the scenes stuff is always helpful, because I often get frustrated that I can't get my shots to look at awesome as other people's, but a lot of the time so much of that is editing, and it's fun to see what it originally looked like SOOC. Anyway, that's my five cents on the matter ;)

Adrienne said...

Color me inspired! I've got about the same equipment and edit in picmonkey too...It's very encouraging to me that your process is similar, cause I'm always enchanted by your photos! I've decided {and re-decided} several times that my blog is really for me. For processing and recording our little lives in my corner of the world. And just for the doing of it. The process is very encouraging to me, and "meeting" people like you has enriched my life incredibly!

Anonymous said...

i'm amazed by all of your photos, what a fantastic blog!!!