Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I am more than happy to say goodbye to March, it was a moody month.  Or perhaps I was just particularly moody during it.  It ended with snow on Sunday followed by sun and sixty yesterday.  I guess I should have been happy for the cold and dreary weather, as it allowed me to hide in puffy winter coats.  Now I've got to expose myself...and the flowy Anthropologie tops I bought to hide a growing belly are looking more and more maternity...and not in a good way...and I'm not sure April fools day is the best time to tell people I'm expecting again.  Sheesh.

At least we were able to get out and explore at our local Arboretum--

run carelessly around the edge of the waterlily pond
 (empty now, but at least we can finally see the fish!)

and check out the progress of the developing children's garden.
Looking forward to warm times ahead.

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amanda | wildly simple said...

Your photos are amazing!
And am I understanding correctly that a CONGRATS is in order? :)