Friday, April 25, 2014


Watching and waiting on the flowers.
(and the weeds...and the asparagus...)

And a few randoms from the week:

My husband said to me this week, 'We have some really great kids.  How did that happen?'  I had to laugh, I've thought the same thing a lot recently.  It is so much more comforting in pregnancy to watch our maturing children and feel like we've done something right, versus the pregnancies in which I was negotiating with temper tantruming toddlers wondering if I was ever going to get it.

We have our ultrasound next week.  I am growing more apprehensive as it draws near--hoping and praying for a healthy baby.  Other times I throw myself into pinterest, imagining ways to reveal the gender to our other kids.

My mother is coming to visit, so a cleaning campaign has been initiated.  I am so happy to pile away winter stuff and get some windows open on occasion.

I did pretty well over Easter, snitching only mild amounts of candy.  I have a sweet tooth, but also a history of gestational diabetes, which apparently, is more common in older women.  So, double whammy for me.

The Easter Bunny brought us 'Frozen' and we've seen it a few hundred times this week.  We've all been sporadically breaking into song (even my son).  Hope Grandma is up for the movie marathon her grandchildren have planned for tonight!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Theresa said...

beautiful photos. I love waiting for the buds to pop open, and reveal their treasures.

Carol said...

I see asparagus shooting up from the ground! One of the best veggies of spring. And, your photo editing is just beautiful, as well as your post.

I pre-ordered Frozen and when it got here, we had a Frozen party with the grandkids. And, they have watched it a million times, too! Can't get the songs out of my head.

Debbie said...

such soft, beautiful images!! we rented frozen this week, i loved it....the hubs fell asleep!!

nice that you have great kids, we often say the same things!!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hi Brandi, I agree with Debbie's comment -such soft and beautiful pix.
I haven't yet had the...uh...pleasure of seeing Frozen 36 times in a row. But I'm sure I will on the very next visit to the grandkids. Oh, BOY!

Kathy McB said...

BEautiful depth of field in your photos.

Ida said...

Such lovely photos. The perspective in that first shot is fabulous. Loved seeing the Asparagus too. It's so yummy.
Coleen got Frozen as a gift from her mommy. She's watched it several times but as yet, Grandma hasn't. Guess I need to get with the program.

Melissa@Natural Beautisms and Flappings in Life said...

I see the blooms are limited around there as well? Beautiful shots anyway. :-) Have a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

So far we've had no beginnings of flowers, but I am ready for some color and warmer Spring weather. Love your photos. :)

Congratulations also. :)

Claudia Willison said...

Such beautiful macros with the shallow depth of field.