Friday, April 18, 2014


Cough & cold haven't dampened the
excitement for our upcoming egg hunts.

We'll have to talk about footwear.

I am sad that Nancy, over at A Rural Journal, will no longer be blogging.  I loved her thoughts and photographs, and I've been particularly fond of her Random 5 link up.  I enjoyed meeting other bloggers this way, and learning tidbits about their lives.  It also was something I've appreciated personally, as a way of collecting those little things that went on throughout my week.  Especially now that we are expecting, I want to put some of those things down.  So here's my random 5 this week.  Something I hope in some way to continue:

Sunday morning, while laying in bed, I felt the baby move.  I've felt some flits and flutters, but this was definitely movement.  My husband was right there, and immediately rolled over to try and feel...which was super sweet--but still too early for that.  When my 10 year old heard me mention it later, she was shocked, and her face reminded me that although she's been through this sibling thing before, this time will be so much more real for her.  Something she will definitely remember.  And it hits me again how different this pregnancy will be from the others...for all of us.

My husband has been out of town a few days.  He finally bought his own cell phone before the trip, and it warms my heart to hear the little texting 'tweet' and know that he's been thinking of me.

I had a feeling that by 16 weeks, things would turn a corner.  Now at 17, I've got some energy back, but I've definitely got more baby belly.  

I break out in cold sweats when I think about having the energy to chase around a toddler again.  And then I remind myself to take some time to relax now...and I sit down.  Unfortunately, I've developed an addiction to the old Law & Orders.  In marathon form.

Easter is probably my favorite holiday.  I hope you have a great one.


Adrienne said...

I never posted for random five cause I've had this six word thing going on practically since I started blogging - long before I started hosting it. But I agree- always loved visiting and reading all the thoughts....Another bloggy friend, Tamar, does a Monday link up - 'the good, the random, the fun' that has the same feel and has helped me do posts where I collect random bits. We've never done much for easter - but we've got both kids coming "home" on Sunday ... I was going to skip it, but my husband pushed for it. When I told him they were coming, he said, "I'll handle dinner" ... so cute! All this to get around to saying how magical your photo collection is today! Thanks for linking up...maybe we can collect more blogging buds for six words!?!

Carol said...

Beautiful photos. Love Easter egg hunts!

Your random five was so touching and tender. It took me back to when I first felt flutters of life. A wonderful moment for a mother!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hi Brandi, visiting from Six Word Fridays. Exceptionally beautiful pix of your young daughter. Good luck with the shoe thing!

Mascha said...

Awesome photos, a speaking series!
I am also very sad about Nancy's decision, although I respect them of course. Yes, there are other beautiful memes, but none like this Random5Friday, that's what I enjoyed the most, it was something very special to meet other bloggers on Rural Journal. I now also do blog break and think about giving up. - I do not know yet. Time will tell, but Nancy leaves painful gap for me.
Have a great and quiet Easter, I like it to, more from all.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos! And congratulations.