Friday, March 7, 2014


Even though it's still been pretty cold around here, I can feel the subtle differences that mean spring is on the way.  I hear some birds, find the sun up a bit later & more eggs in the coup.  I can feel it coming.  Thankfully.

My son has been home most of the week with a nasty cold and now finally has medication for a sinus infection.  

I have not ordered my sofa yet.  Fear and artistic differences with the hubs.

I am trying to do get back on the home organization band wagon by following along with this.  I haven't had any significant bagging yet aside from trash, but I have cleaned up the office and under my daughters' beds.  Today I am tackling a bookcase.

Next week my kids have spring break.  I have no plans.  I am very concerned.  
Wish me luck.


Buttons said...

40 bags in 40 days I should really do that.
Hope your son is better.
Good luck with the couch.
Enjoy spring break I am sure your children will:) B

Kathy McB said...

Ahhhhhh....that warm light! Gorgeous!

Claire said...

Good luck with the sorting... and double good luck with spring break! Our kids can amuse themselves nowadays - aged 18 and 16 - phew!
Great Random 5 and have a fun weekend!

Snap said...

Good luck with Spring break! Sorting and cleaning out ... seems to go on forever. I did attack a closet and I get into it now! ;) Hope your son is feeling better. Good luck with the sofa. Happy Friday!

Kelly Kardos said...

lmao~ good luck with filling your spring break!!! everyone is so sick around me and it makes me a little Nervous. Hope your son feels better soon. Cant wait to see the sofa!

Karen said...

I like the 40 bags in 40 days idea! My granddaughter is spending spring break with me, I have no plans either. Yikes!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Just do fun things on Spring Break that is all you need. Good luck with the couch.

Sharon said...

The light in your photo is beautiful. Springy indeed! I hope you enjoy spending the days with your kids. My kids are grown and I miss those days of creativity and play and laughter :)

Mascha said...

The photo is awesome!
Wish you luck and early spring.

Mascha said...

Thanks for the link - that is a very good idea! I will try it... -

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Perhaps you could plan a staycation:
HERE and HERE. Not sure if hyper links work in the comments so:
Have fun!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I know of another blogger that does a bag a day! I so need to do this.

Gorgeous image of spring slowing bursting forth. xo