Friday, February 28, 2014


And so we come to the end of another month.  At least that is something.  Otherwise, it has just felt like a whole lot of the same thing around here.  Cold.  Snow.  Same scenery, same songs on the radio.  Same snacks in the cupboard.  I guess you could say cabin fever has set in.

I am about to order a new sofa.  That is something new.  But of course, it is a big deal and I am totally over thinking it.  And I'm going cheap.  Say all you want about kiln dried wood and springs, if we trash the fabric in a few years, what does the life of the frame matter?  Reupholstering is about the same (or more) than a new sofa. My couch fabric is literally falling off, so at this point, anything is an improvement.  Crossing my fingers that we choose wisely.  When it turns up in the house, it never looks the same as in the store (whether it's paint, flooring, tile or furniture)...sometimes you just have to get lucky.  Or have lowered expectations.

First cold of the year.  Feeling a bit miserable.

My order of clothes from Anthropologie was a success.  Exactly what I was hoping for!  No returns.  And I'll be very happy to show them off when I'm not draped in parkas and blankets.  Or curled up on the trashed couch with a pile of tissues.

Here's to hoping that March brings at least a little bit of spring air.  It will, at least, bring a spring break.
Have a great weekend.

Random 5 Friday


Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts said...

Stopping by from Random 5 Friday. LOVE your blog name :) We went through the same debates when buying our new sofa last year. We've been happy with it over all. Always something you wish you would have thought of though and made different ( like a fabric that wasn't so prone to static ), oh well! Feel better :)

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Also stopping by from Random 5 Friday. I like the way you create your collage. The squares are so simplistic. Do you mind sharing how you create them? We trash our couches, too. The cats are mostly to blame as they sharpen their claws on the edges and along the bottom. I decided long ago to give up worrying about it as I can not live without the cats so having them means not having perfect furniture or door frames!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Have you considered leather for your new sofa? We bought a pit set several years ago and it has held up so well (despite cats, dogs and a messy husband.)

Ida said...

Sorry about your cold. Not fun, get well soon.
Enough of winter for sure. Why is it that kids and dogs seem to love it so much.
Hope you find the right couch. We need a new one too. The cats have really messed up our old one. I hate the thought of them doing the same thing to a new one and de-clawing them is just not going to happen anymore. Will have to think of a good solution to that problem.

EG CameraGirl said...

Buying a new sofa can be stressful but won't it make a lovely change to the room you're putting in? Hope you're over your cold soon!