Wednesday, November 13, 2013

three hundred and sixteen

My youngest daughter has had all sorts of get up and go this week.  I may be the one drinking the coffee, but it's as if she is getting all the caffeine.  And this morning, the traces of a first snow made her want to run outside...but it makes me want to stay by the fire.


Nicki said...

ohh, those Mary Jane shoes. I so miss having a little one around when it snows. The best part of our snow yesterday was the it covered the ground pretty good but left the roads completely passable - score!

Adrienne said...

We had a few flakes - but nothing that actually landed anywhere. Sure is cold all of a sudden! Another lovely set of photos that tell a sweet, sweet story!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh yes I agree with Adrienne, these are great storytelling photos, and that first one is a wowzer for sure!