Friday, September 27, 2013

two hundred and sixty nine

I found the cutest little pine cone 
and I really wanted to wrap up my week of  '5 Ways' with something simple 
and focus just on angles.  

This was a fun exercise!  I really enjoyed it.  And even though I expected to totally overshoot with it, I didn't.  I think somehow it made me more focused.  
I plan to keep the different angles thang going on in my head.  

(As a side note, did you watch Modern Family?  What a hoot!  
Although I'm starting to think I am Claire.  It's creeping me out a little.)

I'm hoping to come up with some more photography exercises for the next few weeks, 
so if you've got any good ones pass them my way!  

Have a great weekend!

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The Lady Okie said...

Excellent. I loved them all. The colors are gorgeous too. Hello, fall!