Wednesday, August 14, 2013

two hundred and twenty five

 A bit of black and white exploring...
and more butterflies.  

We found two Cabbage butterflies somehow stuck together.
Were they mating?

And we spotted some Monarchs a few days ago.

Right now it's hard to believe it isn't always this way...
sun and warmth and flowers and butterflies.
But before you know it cold and gray will take over!
Wish I could save up some sunny rays for the winter.


Nicki said...

Your photos of the Monarchs against the sky are fabulous. Today we have a cool morning with projected mid-70s for a high. If I could figure out how to keep this around - like until Thanksgiving and then bring it back after New Years Day, I would in a heart beat. Well, maybe not - those 'snow days' are what childhood dreams are built on and I would hate to crush that for someone. said...

Your wonderful b and w photos have a lovely 'vintage' quality to them ~ thanks, carol, xo

Anita Johnson said...

Me too. Today they used the word "autumnal" to describe our weather. I'd say cold for August. I will miss the summer. These photos of the Monarchs are just beautiful.