Friday, July 26, 2013

two hundred and six

I put the kids to bed
early, hoping a good night's sleep 
will help me gain control over
summertime chaos.  It may not be
that the swimming and lightening bugs
have lost their shine, but that 
we are so tired we can 
no longer see the light in 
them.  I need to slow down.
I am in the sweet spot.

Linking in with Six Word Fridays


Nancy said...

Stepping back for a new perspective is always good. :)

Glenda Mills said...

Oh I love that "sweet spot" of finding rest. I pray you find renewal in that place so you can keep on keeping on.

Kara said...

love this post. We are having a very rainy weekend after weeks and weeks of 90 to 100 degree days. So, we are taking the time to rest and recharge and enjoy a flash forward to autumn.