Saturday, July 27, 2013

two hundred and seven

Well, our week of horseback riding was a rousing success.  Not only did my daughter enjoy riding, she came home with all sorts of unexpected knowledge from the farm.  Considering her usual response to activities is pretty much mild ambivalence, I'm impressed.  Plus she looks so happy.

And calm.

And content.

I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone about lessons, perhaps because I didn't want reality to sink in.  
We'll just have to see what we can do.

Then we played with butterflies in the yard.  
I was pretty excited to spot this Viceroy below! 

I've seen a lot of Monarchs late in the summer, but it was more exciting to me to find this guy.
Viceroys mimic Monarchs (which are toxic to birds) but have an extra stretch of black across their hindwing.
Nature is so cool.

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Nicki said...

I am glad her riding went well - nice photographic captures of the experience. Beautiful butterfly - we're just now seeing some Monarchs with just a few occasional Viceroys - none stopping long enough for me to get a picture though.