Thursday, July 25, 2013

two hundred and five

It is that time, unfortunately.  
Swimming and lightening bugs have lost their novelty.
The bickering is creeping in.
Leisurely is edging into boring.
But then I look at the calender and realize...
it turns to August next week.
And that's just one crazy slip-n-slide into the school year.
Boo hoo.


Nicki said...

Bask in the boring and bickering because when they get just a little big older, it turns into 'MUST GET SUMMER READING/WRITING DONE' ... 'NOW!' My son starts back August 8th - a whole 2 weeks earlier than last year and nearly a month earlier than when he started kindergarten. Bloody ridiculous if you ask me. I want to experience the loss of novelty, bickering, and boring again. (but without the bickering. lol!)

Nancy said...

As kids, we didn't have any concept of time or how fast it flies either. What a beautiful image.