Wednesday, July 31, 2013

two hundred and eleven

Please don't eat the daisies.
I have a vague recollection of a book by that title floating around our apartment growing up.  It had an attractive jacket cover, I remember the colors.  Turns out, the book is well reviewed and sounds very much like something I'd like to read.  
(Cause I just looked it up.  I love the internet.)  
Wonder if mom's still got it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book! Very creative photography ~ thanks ^_^ Enjoy the week.

Adrienne said...

I do remember that book!! Don't think I ever read it - but it sounds very enjoyable! Love this shot with the shadow of the daisy on her little arm. Very sweet!

Tracey from Haiku.You.Do said...

It does sound like a good book...let us know when you read it! Beautiful monochrome. xo