Thursday, July 11, 2013

one hundred and ninety one

Whoa.  I'm exhausted.  We had a great time participating in an arts festival.  Sales were good and many lessons learned, including the sad reality of net versus gross income.  I was glad we could cover our costs (including a funnel cake) with a little extra.  But I think my son is motivated to streamline the process for next year (I'm not quite ready to talk about next year!)  We also learned to barter.  One mask got a couple of cute little critters (including an adorable cloud) from the booth beside us.  We all slept well.

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Adrienne said...

I was wondering yesterday if it was going to be hard for him to part with something he invested so much time into...if he would feel like it was "worth" it...I always feel like the process was worth it when I enjoy what I'm creating, no matter what it yields. But I'm a 50 something, not a young entrepreneur!